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BBC Wildlife
Find your favorite animals, where and how they live, the latest news about them, and who's filming them right now.

A site that aims to help you really see insects for the minature marvels that they are.

Tons of dinosaur information from the Museum of Paleontology in Berkeley, California.

Electronic Zoo
Tons of animal information about wild animals and pets at this award winning web site.

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American Girl
A fun site for fans of the American Girl books.

Official Arthur & D.W. page.

Avi's homepage.

Kid's Reads
A one stop shop for author information, new releases, series information, trivia and book reviews.

Milne, A.A.
A page devoted to Winnie the Pooh's creator and Pooh, of course.

Star Wars
Starwars in cyberspace.

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Country Background Notes
Click here for country background information provided by the State Department.

Fifty States of the United States
Easy to use state information, including the words to the state song, famous people buried there, members of the house and senate and other information.

Library of Congress Country Handbooks
Well organized country information, including timeline of the country's history.

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Ancient Egypt
Check out the British Museum's site all about egypt.

Any Day in History
Want to know what happened on your birthday, or any other day, in history, this site will tell you who was born, who died, holidays, events, religious observances and more.

Headline News in History
Check out what made headlines for specific dates from 1900-1997.

Native North America
Information on the arts and cultures of various Native North American peoples.

Presidents of the United States
Easy to use information on all the U.S. presidents with links to other presidential biographies on the internet.

Homework Help

The Homework Page
If you need an answer to a homework question, check out this page, compiled by the Multnomah County Library System.

Thousands of web sites to search to help find answers to homework questions. Browse or type in what you are looking for.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Page
Homework site with hundreds of links which was created by a 11 year old boy and his father.

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American Museum of Natural History
Kid friendly information on a variety of topics covered at the American Museum of Natural History.

How Stuff Works
If you want to know how a computer, a car or even how your body works, click here.

Science News for Kids
A website devoted to science news for children ages 9-14.

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All about space for the young child. Choose from two different difficulty levels for each topic. Another winning site from NASA.

NASA's Solor System Exploration
Learn all about the planets, missions, and the science and technology of space exploration.

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Chemical Elements Table
Information on the Periodic Table of Elements. Get a picture of an element by clicking on Crystal Structure on the left side of the screen.

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Reeko Science
The coolest science site going; looks great; lots of information, plus, it's fun and easy to use.

Science Experiments
Choose from several sites which list science experiments.

Science Snacks
Simple science experiments from San Francisco's Exploratorium.

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Biomes of the World
Learn about the different climates that make up our planet.

Join Mongy the frog and learn all about the earth's rainforests.

FEMA for Kids
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a site just for kids all about nature's most violent occurances. Learn about volcanoes, hurricans, wildfires, floods etc.

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Kids Storm
Chris Kridler, a nationally known storm chaser, has an excellent site just for kids about storm chasing, complete with up close pictures of various weather.

Miami Museum of Science explains hurricanes, including maps of killer storms and much more.

Scholastic's Weather Watch
The perfect site to learn about the weather and get quizzed on what you learn.

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Major League Baseball
All the latest news on your favorite major league baseball team or player.

National Basketball Association
Official NBA page with latest news, scores, statistics, video and commentary.

National Football League
Official NFL page with the latest professional football information.

National Hockey League
Official NHL page with video highlights, news and trivia.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Online version of the magazine with games, trivia and the latest sports news.

Kids World Sports
Online list of variety of sports sites, including non-traditional sports.

U.S. Figure Skating Association
Skating news, rankings, biographies and skating events.

USA Gymnastics Online
Official page of the U.S. Gymnastics with biographies, official standings and information on how find a gym in your state.

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Web Search

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Ask Jeeves a question, just like you would ask a person. You will get a list of answers and you choose the one that you think is the best answer to your question. You will also be able to check out Jeeves Hot Spots and learn about how to use the internet.

Thousands of web sites to search to help find answers to homework questions. Browse or type in what you are looking for.

Yahoo! Kids
Search the web with Yahooligans and you will find sites appropriate for children.

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