Internet Resources

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Produced by the U.S. Department of Labor, this online handbook gives in-depth information on about 250 occupations, including descriptions of what each job entails and the work enviroment, education and training requirements, earning expectations, and anticipated job market in the near future.

Mapping Your Future
Aimed at college and high school students, this is a 10 step guide to planning your career, including assessing your skills and interests, researching occupations, and comparing your interests with occupations, as well as preparing a resume and finding a job.

Occupation Profile
Occupation information by state including wages, tasks and activities, education, and web resources.

CTI Career Search
The career directory presents information on hundreds of employment categories and thousands of schools, to help people find and pursue careers of interest to them. It includes real-world career descriptions on more than 200 different occupations written by people working in each profession.
A directory of every accounting education program in the country, the site is also constantly updated with the latest accounting news and insights into the industry.

Print Resources

Bolles, Richard N. (2012). What Color is Your Parachute? 2012: a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.
Location: 650.14 BOLLES 2012 (Business Collection)
"...the go-to guide for everyone from midlife-crisis boomers looking to change their careers to college students looking to start one." (Editorial review)

Dodd, Laura. (2011). Dig This Gig: Find your dream job - or invent it. New York, NY: Citadel Press.
Location: 650.14 DODD (Business Collection)
" excellent choice for high school and college students exploring their career options as well twentysomethings who are still trying to decide what they want to be." -- Library Journal

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance. (2011). New York, NY: Ferguson's.
Location: REF 331.702 ENCYCLOPEDIA (Business Reference - does not circulate)
"...the most comprehensive career reference in print and an essential resource for career exploration at all levels of experience.." -- (Editorial review)

Farr, Michael. (2009). 300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.
Location: 331.702 THREE (Business Collection)
This book will help you to "pinpoint your best career options at various training levels, from on-the-job training to a two-year degree." -- (Editorial review)

Shatkin, L. (2009). 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs. JIST's Best Job Series. Indianapolis, IN:: JIST Works.
Location: 331.702 ONE (Business Collection)
"...Readers are encouraged to first browse through the 75 best job lists to find recession-proof jobs matching their particular interest and needs. Then turn to the definitive yet succinct job description of the particular job selected for details on earnings, growth, industry information, tasks, educational requirements, work conditions, and more." -- Midwest Book Review


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Internet Resources

The Riley Guide
This is a comprehensive career search resource which includes resumes, networking, interviewing, negotiating, and more. It also offers links to quality sites for advice and job searching.
Want to know which are the 50-best ranked companies? This site posts employee reviews of companies, interview comments and questions, and available jobs. Registration, which is free, is required for some of this content.

Created by the author of What Color Is Your Parachute, this site gives solid information and links for every phase of the job search. It is well organized starting place that also has a special section for those who are new to using the internet. Job Searching
A good introductory site with links to information on the dos and don'ts of job hunting, resume writing, interviewing, and more.
Check out the Advice Links for useful articles on getting your job search started and doing it right.

Quintessential Careers
One of the premier career-planning web sites, with articles on finding a career for all types of job seekers: teens, minorities, mature workers, and many others.

Print Resources

Bolles, M.E.; Bolles, R.N.; & Bolles, R.N. (2008). Job Hunting Online: A guide to using job listings, message boards, research sites, the underweb, counseling, networking self-assessment tools, niche sites. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press.
Location: 650.14 BOLLES (Business Collection)
"...helps job seekers navigate the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet to find the most useful sites and avoid common pitfalls. Filled with hundreds of annotated website recommendations and newly reorganized to follow the action steps of a successful job hunt, this time-saving desktop guide is essential to an effective online job search." (Editorial Review)

Yate, Martin (2010). Knock ' em Dead: The ultimate job search guide. Avon, MA: Adams Media.
Location: 650.1 YATE 2010 (Business Collection)
In the latest edition of this classic guide, Martin Yate paves the way with his proven techniques for crafting resumes, creating cover letters, and acing job interviews. You'll also find advice on everything from leveraging social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook to negotiating the final offer.

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Internet Resources

An online service which provides LIVE interactive resume help along with resume analysis and downloadable templates to help you create a winning resume.

Job Central Resume Tutorial
A clear, easy to follow tutorial that presents all the major points of resume development and presentation with examples of every step.

Career OneStop Resume Tutorial
Provides a complete resume tutorial including an explanation of various resume types, essential resume features, different technologies for delivery, and links to other resume assistance sites.

Print Resources

Karsh, Brad. (2009). How to Say It On Your Resume: A top recruiting director's guide to writing the perfect resume for every job. Indianapolis, IN: Alpha Books.
Location: 650.142 KARSH (Business Collection)
Features dozens of sample resume styles, an action plan for a successful job search, and professional advice on creating cover letters, finessing the toughest interview, and writing thank you and follow-up letters. (Editorial review)

Kennedy, Joyce Lain. (2009). Cover Letters For Dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing.
Location: 650.142 KENNEDY (Business Collection)
Whether you're a new or experienced job hunter, this guide offers you fresh ideas for crafting a wide variety of engaging cover letters and innovative career marketing documents. (Editorial review)

Kennedy, Joyce Lain. (2011). Resumes For Dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing.
Location: 650.142 KENNEDY (Business Collection)
Whether you're entering the job market for the first time, looking for a new job after a layoff, or changing careers, Resumes for Dummies show you the ropes and rules for a new era in recruiting and job searching, and gives you expert tips on writing a resume that shines. (Editorial review)

Noble, David F. (2009). Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a Four-Year Degree. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.
Location: 650.142 NOBLE (Business Collection)
A one-of-a-kind resource for all your resume writing needs. Includes nearly 200 resumes and 12 corresponding cover letters.. (Editorial review)

Yate, Martin. (2008). Knock 'em Dead Resumes: Smart advice to make your online and paper resumes more productive. Avon, MA: Adams Media Corp.
Location: 650.142 YATE (Business Collection)
For more than a decade, this book has shown job seekers how to make their resumes appealing and eye-catching to employers in a competitive job market. With this invaluable resource, readers will discover what prospective employers are looking for. This edition includes new material: an update of the text; new examples of resumes; and a new Before and After section, showing unfocused resumes and detailing the steps to make them effective and focused. (Editorial review)

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Internet Resources

An online service which provides LIVE interactive interview coaching in addition to tips on interviewing, common interview questions and other online resources to help you ace the interview.

Print Resources

Beshara, T. (2008). Acing the Interview: How to ask and answer the questions that will get you the job. New York: American Management Association.
Location: 650.144 BESHARA (Business Collection)
"(This) excellent book... includes a wealth of suggestions on how to walk out of an interview with a best offer." -Joyce Lain Kennedy, syndicated career columnist

Adams Media. (2005). Adams Job Interview Almanac. Indianapolis: JIST.
Location: 650.14 ADAMS (Business Collection)
Whitcomb, a renowned career coach and motivation speaker, explains how to prove your value to employers, identify your Achilles heel and overcome it, and increase the quantity and effectiveness of your job interviews.

Whitcomb, S. B. (2008). Interview magic: Job interview secrets from America's career and life coach. Indianapolis: JIST.
Location: 650.144 WHITCOMB (Business Collection)
Whitcomb, a renowned career coach and motivation speaker, explains how to prove your value to employers, identify your Achilles heel and overcome it, and increase the quantity and effectiveness of your job interviews.

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Internet Resources

LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals.

Networking for Professionals
A business networking organization that combines online business networking and real life events. Post your member profile to network online with other members. Create a profile to include a photo, articles you've written, and a video if you want. Bookmark other members profiles, create contact lists and an address book.

The Riley Guide: Networking
Offers information and advice on how to network as well as links to useful networking sites and events.
Trade shows and conferences around the world searchable by industry and location.

Upcoming Career Fairs - Lists career fairs in Connecticut

Print Resources

Butow, E. & Taylor, K. (2009). How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn: Making connections and capturing opportunities on the world's #1 business networking site. New York: American Management Association.
Location: 650.13 BUTOW (Business Collection)
"If you are looking to exapnd your network of contacts, seeking a speaker or expert on a topic, searching for a job, or trying to find a qualified candidates for a position, LinkedIn may help you do it better, and this book will help you use LinkedIn better." --Online Magazine .

Misner, I.R. & Donovan, M.R. (2008). The 29% Solution: 52 weekly networking success strategies.Austin, TX: Greenleaf Book Group Press..
Location: 650.13 MISNER (Business Collection)
"If you are looking to exapnd your network of contacts, seeking a speaker or expert on a topic, searching for a job, or trying to find a qualified candidates for a position, LinkedIn may help you do it better, and this book will help you use LinkedIn better." --Online Magazine .

Schepp, Brad & Schepp, Debra (2010). How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Other Social Networks. New York: McGraw-Hill.
Location: 650.14 SCHEPP 2010 (Business Collection)
Taking readers step by step through the processes of marketing themselves on social networking sites, this career guide shows them how to build contacts, find new leads, and fully exploit all the major online job-hunting tools available.

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Internet Resources

Connecticut Department of Labor
Links to state information about unemployment benefits, appeals, and taxes.

Connecticut Law About Unemployment
Links to resources compiled the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries.

CTWorks: Your Resource for Employment and Career Opportunities
CTWorks offices offer a variety of free employment services to support every aspect of your job search. Servives include: job listings, resume preparation assistance, job search workshops, computer and internet access, assessment and testing, and career counseling.

CTWorks Offices and Services
Links to local offices and listings of classes and services they provide.

Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program
This program provides customized employment services, job retraining, job placement assistance, and credit counseling to eligible Connecticut residents.
Has Layoff Help links that offer advice about how to prepare when you know a layoff is coming as well as what to do once you have been laid off.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Services and benefits for individuals certified by the Federal Government as having lost their jobs or reduced their hours of work and wages due to increased foreign imports, or a shift in production to certain countries.

Print Resources

Epstein, Lita. (2009). Surviving a Layoff: A week-by-week guide to getting your life back together. Avon, MA: Adams Media.
Location: 658.3134 EPSTEIN (Business Collection)
Using a week-to-week timeline, this book offers advice on such topics as: coping with grief and anger after a downsizing; reorganizing life after a layoff; how to launch a job search; balancing the job search with family and personal time; explaining a layoff to family and friends; and more. (Editorial review)

Rolie, Linda K. (2010). Getting back to work: Everything you need to bounce back and get a job after a layoff. New York: McGrawHill.
Location: 650.14 ROLIE (Business Collection)
Time-tested tools for finding a new job in today's tough economy, while also working through the psychological challenges you might face after being laid off

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Regional Internet Resources

Fairfield County Jobs
New Haven County Jobs
The Connecticut Manufacturing Job Match - Learn about it; Sign up
CT Job Central
New York Times Daily Classifieds
Hartford County Jobs
Monroe Economic Development Committee Links
New London County Jobs
Business Council of Fairfield County - Internship Opportunities

National Internet Resources List of 250,000 jobs searchable by keyword, category, or location 350,000 jobs listed Jobs in information technology including those for freelancers, telecommuters, and recruiters.

New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium The largest job board for higher education positions in New England compiled by the New England Board of Higher Education and the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. Includes job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages

Linkup Job listings directly from company web sites Job search engine that searches thousands of job sites and companies. Searches through over 2 million jobs posted on job boards, recruitment agencies, career and company websites.

USAJOBS Listing of most federal jobs

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Local Unemployment Support Groups

Re-Employment Group at Newtown Methodist Church - 92 Church Hill Rd. in Sandy Hook

Confidential meetings every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Choir Room. Discussion topics cover the emotional stress of dealing with unemployment and finding the tools to launch a successful job search. All are welcome. For more information, contact the church office at (203) 426-9998 or Jay Thomas at (203) 426-6542

Non-Denominational Job Networking Support Group at St. Rose of Lima Church - 38 Church Hill Rd. in Newtown

Meets Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. in the Religious Education Building. Positive support and council as well as networking ideas. All ages welcome. For more information, contact Harry Diek at (203) 426-3386 or Michael Ronan at (203) 733-9186

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